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Heritage Centre: Appeal to donors

The Society for the Preservation of Satyajit Ray Films has been working over a long period of time on collecting and collating data, besides cataloguing and restoring large amounts of documents. The collected material needs to be housed and archived at a proposed location that has been rightly named the Satyajit Ray Heritage Centre.

The Society’s plans are in several discrete components. Satyajit Ray Society now appeals to donors in India and abroad to take up any one or more of the components. Please help us give Ray’s precious heritage a permanent home in Kolkata, the city that reared Ray, also the city Ray loved so much and celebrated it in so many of his immortal creations.

The plan for the proposed Satyajit Ray Heritage Centre is as follows:


Component I

Satyajit Ray Society needs to acquire a suitable plot of land or space (of about 1500 sq. meters) in Kolkata to build, in phases, the Heritage Centre. The acquisition is estimated to cost Rs. 100 lakhs.


Component II

The Society proposes to build facilities for an archive for storage, preservation and display of Ray papers and memorabilia along with a reception lounge with small display of exhibits relating to Ray as also supporting infrastructure for office work and other purposes. It is estimated to cost Rs. 57 lakhs (Reception Lounge: Rs. 25 lakhs + Archive Space: Rs. 12 lakhs + Office Infrastructure: Rs. 20 lakhs).


Component III

The Society proposes to build a study centre and cyber library as also two seminar rooms and circulating space for visitors and users, which is estimated to cost Rs. 37 lakhs.


Component IV

The Society proposes to build a vault to store Ray’s films that have been restored to date and the ones that will be restored in future. Films are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity. The vault must, therefore, conform to state-of-the-art engineering specifications. It is estimated to cost Rs.50 lakhs.


Component V

The Society proposes to build an auditorium for projection of films by Ray and relating to Ray as also other good films, which is estimated to cost Rs. 70 lakhs.


Component VI

The Society proposes to build a permanent exhibition hall for public display of Ray exhibits both in prints and in the original, which is estimated to cost Rs. 90 lakhs.


Component VII

The souvenir shop and snack bar that the Society proposes to set up at the Heritage Centre is estimated to cost Rs. 35 lakhs.


Component VIII

The Heritage Centre project also includes circulating space and contingencies for which the Society needs funds amounting to Rs. 48 lakhs and Rs. 13 lakhs, respectively.

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